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2016: Christmas


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Today I publish a photo in a church to show that today is a pretext to change, although I'm not religious. Even though I intend to publish last year's message, I am a bit distressed since we can still see that no message could improve our world of such vices and crimes. But where are all of our hands in this? Must we hide them away in our pockets? Thinking back to Mother Teresa, she once said: “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.” so join in and TAG your FRIENDS, your FAMILY on this post.

Hi everybody. To all people on the earth, even those currently out in space. today, we must try to be united like a Christmas tree. We must make a beautiful world, like the picturesque streets adorned in celebration for Christmas. All of our time is limited on this earth, even our legacy. So let's live happily and abundantly together. In any religion, today is an excuse that we can say humans are born again. All humans on the planet! It's an excuse to end the war, an excuse to share kindness among all human beings. Put our hands together, black or white, Muslim or Christian. Our religions may differ, but we are all made from the human genome. Today is an excuse to be together forever, in love and in life. Today is an excuse to overcome our habits of old within our hearts that were created from governments of long ago. "War" is the same name in our hearts, today's pretext for reconciliation. Today can we can burn this hatred of old, for today is a holy day. Long live the people and death to hatred and war. Merry Christmas! – Vahid Takro

Photo taken at: Penang Bridge

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