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Happy New Year (2019)


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Greetings, happy new year all my lovely friends. The year passed was one of my worst years of life, although I visited many parts of the most beautiful country of the world, Iran. but its inhabitants have made it hard for me to stay. Now I'm plagued by this situation, this is while I praise this country with all my being.

I was the most patient person I knew, but now this is not me. This patience is over, and my roots have came out from rocks, they want to break the rocks. In the meantime, I have asked myself what you learned in the year you passed ... This time, I have no positive answer to this question.

The year that passed put the worst people on my way, something happened to me, and made me to look at the dark side of the life. I saw how people only claim to help, and at the same time, they ask everyone for a help. I saw how people make ladders from others for their personal purposes, I saw how people are cheating each other everyday, and make a bigger distance between their hearts. In a few sentences, human beings broke my heart in the year that passed.

In the end, after wishing the peace and love for the world, we must pray, God and Jesus are waiting for changes from us. God who clearly shows his power to us one day, a show that is even more transparent than seeing himself. I hope this show will happen for you and for me in 2019.

In God, whose word I praise-- in God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me? Psalm 56:4

Note: This photo was taken in a beautiful church in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 2014 August by the best photographer of the world.

Photo taken at: Saint Petersburg, Russia

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