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My Life Is Romantic


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My life is quite romantic, the story is sad and gradually gets complicated. I was ambitious from an early age and everybody told me that my thoughts are strange and special. I was very stubborn and insist on all my wishes. Like an ant that was going to lift 100 kilos of food. When I got older human behavior was a little sad for me, little by little i got depressed (I think all of my friends can remember that time) and i was thinking about a way to escape or trying to find a solution to survive, then i've changed the lyrics of my songs, i've changed everything around myself, and I started to travel, to prove something to the world. Less than a month, my goal will appear. Now, I'm in a small room and planning day and night for a long trip with my big goals. - Vahid Takro

Photo taken at: Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg

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