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Third Eye: Paris, France


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Today the world is not as we expected. we're killing each other, although Daech and terrorist groups, so that if they were from another world, but still they are human and we are all the same. It's very sad to all of us that we hear daily news about rocket bombardment every day but it seemed that it's about only specific areas in the Middle East. But today, we saw something strange in France! This is what that we (selfish people) expected? please let's be friends together. Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Zoroastrian, atheist, etc, black, white, red, green, etc. these are childish reasons for war, intellectual claims when is accepted that we are gentle with all people around the world. not when we are dealing with people first think of their religion, their region. this is not an intellectual. If you believe Religious I've read books about different religions, they say "God put His spirit in people" And if you are not religious, this images of war and killing is not sad for you? "Let's forget the hatred, and eradicate violence in the hearts forever." Vahid Takro

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