176 Victims of PS752: The Story of Passengers

I Call It Ascent, Not Descent

Iranian medias are writing only about Iranian victims, in Canada they write about Canadians, and in Ukraine the Ukrainians, and the world is silent… I know this is a big tragedy for all humans but don’t forget the Ukrainian #PS752 flight crew, Because they were flying neither for travel nor for immigration, they were killed while working. When I heard the pilot’s wife said to him earlier on the trip, “Don’t fly to Iran, it’s dangerous“, I was very sorry.
The captain, who has two children and has flown more than 11,600 hours in Boeing 737 and 5500 hours as a captain, is no longer returning to his wife, who was worried.

Captain Vladimir Geponenko and his family

Ekaterina Statnik, 28, a flight attendant, her boyfriend describes her as a kind, compassionate, intimate, hardworking person who loved photography and travels.

Denis Lykhno, his classmates, said he was only reading for all exams on the night before the test and could pass all of them, his classmates said. Someone who had worked hard to get the degree, and had just started working (about six months).

Maria Mikityuk, a 24-year-old girl who seems to be very popular among her classmates and colleagues, is mentioned as a very beautiful, happy, spirited and energetic person, and is remembered as a popular student. She was in love with “sky”, her friends said.

One of the saddest stories about the Ukrainian plane is the story of “Valeria Ovcharuk“. A Kiev girl, who was among flight crews of the PS752. She wrote on her personal page: “I don’t just look at the plane as a means of transport, every flight will carry a drop of beauty, love and adventure.” and she wrote on her latest photo taken at a hotel in Bangkok: “Work, I love you” … Love to work and fly… Valeria’s boyfriend, who is a pilot, is now shocked about what happened to Valeria. He wrote on his personal page:
“Dear Valeria, it was very unfair, you were the victim to their games, those who we had nothing to do with…”

He also dedicated a poem to Valeria; a friend of mine translated for me:

“Our goodbye wasn’t right, there’s so much we didn’t say to each other. There’s no way to fix it. I feel like I am still screaming… I am shattered, I must hold on, but without your sweet smile I just can’t hold it without your smile… The world has grown bleak, The world you loved so much. The light in the window has gone out, When you closed your beautiful eyes… I am drowning in your eyes, Lost between our memories. How many times more shall I helplessly cry in the darkness??? My angel, I can’t go on. My hands are shaking, my mind is blurred… I need to tell you so much! I believe you can still hear me!
To my dear Valeria! She just flew higher”

Valeria loved the world and her job. She was a traveler and loved her life. When she first traveled to Tehran, Qom, Mashhad and Isfahan in 2015, she wrote about Iran:

“I have never seen such a beauty! I want to come back here again and again; Iran is a hot and green country with mountains and deserts around. I love their mountains, how beautiful it is! Imagine you can order a tea and sweets on the mountain! what can be better than this!!! I still don’t understand how traffic lights work in Iran, you can’t believe taxi drivers are drinking tea while driving!
I loved the plane I traveled to Mashhad with, I can’t believe I saw one of the holiest cities! I saw a congregation prayer with my eyes! Impressive!
Isfahan is surprisingly clean with well-groomed streets, I can’t stop admiring their green parks!! They also have a wonderful bird garden. A net is stretched over it and birds fly around the park! Si-o-se-pol is very beautiful, especially at night. Finally, I saw the Azadi Tower of Tehran, also called the Tehran Gate. ”

How dark and sad this world is, Valeria lost her life in the country she loved, she became a toy, a toy for politicians she never wanted to know, I want to tell Valeria that the country she knew as a hot country, is now very cold, cold and depressing after her ascended to heaven…

“I was going to visit my mother for a hundred years, but…”

Julia Solohub had just started working as a flight attendant (six months ago). According to media reports, she just turned 25 last December.

I spoke with a friend of Julia, she says:

“Julia got married in September 2018. They bought a house in Kiev and had lots of plans, they wanted to have a baby, she loved her job and wanted to open a beauty salon, a very kind, beautiful and attractive blue-eyed girl who loved her life. She was trying to stay away from politics and hated it. Her husband’s feeling is indescribable, Julia was his everything. I’m so upset that the media doesn’t write about her, I don’t want Julia to be forgotten. ”

Julia congratulated her mother on her birthday three years ago on her personal page:

“My dear mother, golden heart, You are the best of all, Happy birthday to you, I wish you a good health for a hundred years! May beautiful flowers bloom for you every day, All your children come to meet you for holidays, May love always live in your heart sincerely, And our family blooms in good and peace!”

“From kiss on lips to kiss on picture, with the distance of one rocket”

I got in touch with Julia (a Ukrainian flight crew) husband, Valeriy, who said that this was not the right time to speak and asked me to understand him. When I told him I understand you, he said, “It is impossible for anyone to understand me.” He wrote in his latest Instagram post:

“Rest in peace, my love; I love you more than life and I will do whatever I promised you … Thanks for everything, I ask all my friends and colleagues not to post about you anymore.”

They had been in love for three years, and got married on 2018, had many plans for life, many wishes, and travel plans … The day they notified Valeriy of the plane crash, he went to the airport, and many emotional pictures of him was published in the media, but no one paid attention to the details of their love. The media seems to ignore people’s romantic feelings.

Every time you fly you take my soul with you, my heart is not calm, you are in heaven and I on the earth, but this time you took my heart with you… Tell me that this is a dream my love…

“I love people, and people love(d) me”
This is a theory of what Maria (a Ukrainian flight crew #PS752 ) lived with. I met Maria’s friends, they say:
“She was out of politics, she loved life, she loved all human beings, regardless of politics, religion, orientations…”

Maria’s closest friend and colleague, says:
“She’s alive for me, because the flight attendants never die, they just become heavenly with their smile. Maria was very unheard, unspoken, unlived, Only 24, and it seemed a lifetime ahead …
Appreciate those close to you, because no one is eternal, travel more and love yourself. This may be Maria’s message from heaven.”

I contacted this man, he says he in love with Maria (a Ukrainian flight crew #PS752 ) and had decided to marry with her. However, Maria’s friends, said that their relationship was very complicated. I asked him the details, he said he can’t speak because he’s very depressed.

I’m not going to judge, but I was thinking Why don’t we humans appreciate each other? Why we made love so hard for ourselves? Why we made life so complicated? We passed seconds with the fights, hatred, … Maybe his only wish is to spend sometime with Maria again, to see her smile for a moment… But Maria, is in heaven.

Let’s be kind to each other, Love your friends, and make our seconds worthwhile.

The Ukrainian angels of flight PS752 were so lovely and kind. Some nights ago, I saw Maria and Ketty (one of the flight attendants) in my dream. They were in their flight uniforms, but in white. They laughed a lot and didn’t say anything.

Ketty’s lover -who is a pilot- says Ketty was a very kind, compassionate, hardworking, responsible, and kind-hearted person. Ketty appears to be sponsoring her family. Now in her absence, her family needs the help of the Ukrainian people, and he has put Ketty’s sister’ financial account on his page.
Ольги Саливон.

Indeed, how unjust the war is… it destroys everything in one moment, all human emotions are destroyed in an instant, Ketty and her friends are just an example of a real war… Imagine how bullets could hit the hearts of the soldiers’ lovers in world wars.

Ever wondered why all the people I wrote about were so special and good? What I want to say is that these are pictures of us, we humans, just months ago nobody knew Ketty and the other victims, but now everyone know and feel compassion for them, but have they come from heaven and returned to heaven? No … these are ourselves, so why not to be kind with each other now? Why not to be in love with each other while we are still here?

I couldn’t smile anymore, how could I smile? How can you smile in this unfair world? I had no more peace … peace? I could no longer breathe …
I saw everything from the sky, the world was full of war, the rain of blood was everywhere, the world seemed to me like a cage, a cage I thought might be escaped by flight sometimes. This time I flew, I flew and never returned … I climbed, not crashed …
(This video was made for sympathy and compassion for the families of Ukrainian flight attendants PS752. We are all together in this sadness)

Love never dies, lovers who got separated not by their own choice but the universe separated them. Those lovers whose job was to smile and help passengers in the sky. A mission that ended up in the sky. In my opinion, they climbed, not crashed.
This was not the world they wanted, that’s why they had chosen the job, loved staying in heaven, and stayed. This is also not the world I want. A world in which there is no love, no kindness, no friendship, no forgiveness, no unity, nothing … everything is black, black and absurd.
Bad people have surrounded us, all of us… but what remains is “hope.” The story of all the people on the Ukrainian plane #PS752 reminds us that our moment must be spent with love, until the last moment, not a single drop of hatred should be left behind.


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