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Vahid Takro

Vahid Takro (born 29 August) is a Persian anti-war & peace activist, blogger and musician.

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Vahid Takro is not a celebrity, but there are many fake biographies about Vahid Takro on websites and bots, there are also reputable websites that get their information directly from Vahid, such as

“Third Eye” Peace Project

In early 2015, Vahid Takro created the idea of a Third Eye. It was originally intended to be a cover of a music album, the name of this album was also “Third Eye”, but for some reason this album has not been released. The “Third Eye” cover was captured by a French photography company. Makeup and arrangement of this cover has been done with the same company.

During the period when this cover was released on Vahid Takro’s social networks, the reaction of his followers was very different. Some claimed that blood on the face did not represent the true meaning of peace, and some were against this belief, but it had to be explained that it was already intended to be a music cover. Judgment and perception of the meaning of this image is placed on the viewers themselves. But inner eye is what Vahid Takro has repeatedly referred to. Something that may give him a political meaning, an eye that needs to see bitter events, the events that may be happening to a war-torn child, also blood on the face points to this issue. In fact, as he said:

our eyes are infected and accustomed to a world full of wars. We need to open the third eye, an eye which we can say the things we see with.

Third Eye Picture
Third Eye Picture

This cover later became a peace poster in July 2016. It was written above this poster: “OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE TO A NEW WORLD” and in the middle of it was the cover of the third eye. And on top of the image of the hands of peace, it was written: “WE CAN BE PEACEFUL”

We Can Be Peaceful Poster
We Can Be Peaceful Poster


His early musical influence was listening to western rap and hiphop, especially “Tupac Shakur”, who made him really into this genre. The first 12 years of his musical attempts, he made some songs at home, using the home-microphone. After that he was able to develop his work and start recording in a studio, which allowed him to bring it out to a larger audience. He would always love to cooperate with different singers and musicians from all over the world and keep on discovering the hip hop and rap genre further.


He also became interested in photography at the age of 15 and every day he seemed to make some progress. He have worked on sceneries for a short film called “The Hard Life” and received an award in the ””. He had also a brief experience with the documentary movie making for the “Voice Of Tehran”.

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