Vahid Takro


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Third Eye events means coming together to capture a group image in different parts of the world with the third eye poster. The third eye has been performed in three different tours in about 20 countries and is still going on. You can find out the dates and locations through the following application.

It's written on the poster we held in our hands: Open your third eye to a new world, we can be peaceful. With a graphical photo called "Third Eye". In fact, this design has no religious or political orientation. This surreal design has a message. The person - who I am - is accustomed to living in a world full of heartbreaking war events, as if even someone's blood has been shed on him but he can no longer tolerate his habits until he opens a third eye, which can follow the world ahead more realistically.

We organize different tours in different parts of the world every year. If you are interested in participating in these tours and gatherings, you can participate in any of them in your city, and if you can not, we consider you a member of us, a member of the people who fight for peace.

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Paris, France - 15 July 2016