Favorite Blogs

1. The Backpacker (www.tohidsh.com)

One of those blogs that everyone will surely have to visit it is the “backpacker” blog. This blog, which unveils with simple content from non-Iranians who are in Iran as tourists or residents, spoke to them and sometimes gives them access to blogging on this blog. The blogger, who is also a traveler, never stopped to do so despite his big problems, and he writes in this regard and makes videos, or in other words, the “vblogging”. He writes from north to south of Thailand, he pass from his experiences inside Iran and eventually sees himself playing piano in Russia. This is one of my favorite blogs.

Backpacker: www.tohidsh.com


2. Dot’s Writing Dojo (www.dotswritingdojo.blog)

“I have dedicated this website to pursue English prose and poetry. My written work is a means of literary experimentation. I will be posting my poetry, short stories, philosophy reports and essays, excerpts of novels, book reviews, and links to purchase my work here.”. This is how Arzoo describes her blog. One day I sent Arzoo’s blog to one of my friends, and she said, “Oh, this is a blog that seems to have long awaited me to read.”

Dot’s Writing Dojo: www.dotswritingdojo.blog