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Get away, Find Your Real Friends!


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Sometimes you feel that humans are so bad, the world is not what you want, and all people are different from you. You don't like to see anyone anymore, don't want to be friends with anyone. U know? Have you ever had that feeling?

But what is the remedy? You have to travel, just a bit more than your own home, You see humans that are even far from your mind.

Alexandre is the best example of one of those people. We were friends before I traveled to Strasbourg, I traveled to Strasbourg without any expectations of Alex. But he made a paradise of Strasbourg for me from the first moment until the last moment. And now Strasbourg is the best city I've ever seen. He is one of the most brave and magnanimous men. Generous people like Alex deserve the best. I don't say this because he is one of my best friends and helped me a lot, but his personality is very lovely and bright, love for animals and living simple is not something easy to cope with.

Get away, find your real friends. True humans still exist

Sometimes you

Photo taken at: Strasbourg, France

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