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Going to Alexandre


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Well as I had been planned to visit "Strasbourg" and one of my best friends Alexandre, I went to train station early morning on 7 AM, I arrived just 10 minutes before departure :) It was a fast train, It's about 500 KM between Paris and Strasbourg, but i've been in this train about 1 hour and 44 minutes. When I arrived to Strasbourg, just when I got out of the train I've seen Alexandre with his beautiful dog after one month! I was really happy that moment, I will never forget that time. He took me to his place and I was resting. He took me out and we had breakfast together, Even I've called to my mom that time and I said: wow i'm in heaven now! Alexandre, how can i describe him... I will upload my photos with him later. Actually I've met Tereza in Paris, she is a very nice friend from Prague. And I Invited her to Strasbourg, just imagine, I've been a guest myself but I invited another guest :) Between the way was too beautiful, a nice landscape. I like autoroute A4 so much

Photo taken at: Autoroute A4

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