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Louvre Museum with Juliana


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Louvre Museum was smaller than what i was thinking about. I have visited the Louvre Museum with one of my lovely friends Juliana. Probably if I was not with Juliana, the Louvre could be boring for me. After visiting this museum, whenever I think about Louvre i just remember Juliana and her lovely smile, specially when i think of "Louvre Pyramid" Before this, I knew Juliana as a pathetic American poet. But I've seen some lovely attributes in Juliana, and now she is one of my good friends! Travel experiences, that's what I'm always looking for. But travel experiences is not only to try local foods, meet the locals, to be familiar with different cultures and etc. Human is always looking to learn something and this always can be fulfilled by others. The day I visited the Louvre Museum, for me was a day of learning and raise knowledge. Beautiful sculptures, meaningful paintings and historical monuments was in one side and Juliana was in other side! Juliana was very courteous and polite, way that everyone could understand she grew up in a real family. She was always smiling, everything was simple for her, I can never imagine that she can get angry :) Well, Some people can not be described in words and Juliana is one of those great people. I'm sure that i will meet her soon! See you Juliana

Photo taken at: Musée du Louvre

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