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Paris, France: We Can Be Peaceful

FranceWe can be peaceful

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Actually politicians are creating some conflicts between citizens of different nationalities. People do not even look at each other. There are some hatred in their hearts which are created by the governments. But you have to think that all humans are born to seek peace. Third eye and the brain are the same. I'm trying to find war-torn nations and nationalities those who their countries have started wars to stand together and take this poster in our own hands. Syria, Israel, Iran, America, Colombia, Mexico, Poland, Germany, France, Thailand, etc. We love each other, it's just our governments ... I travel with this poster around the world to share the peace. "Open your Third Eye To A New World, We Can Be Peaceful."

And another year is over and wars still remains. The history has proven that we can still be united. It just needs to have a clear heart, for that we just need to love, we need to take each other's hands, simply invite each other to have a drink with a pure smile. It is true that many people around the world are laughing at me, they say peace is impossible. But why don't you think about the world! You've never seen the cry of a child who suffers from war, But believe me, all over the world is full of pure human being, who their hearts are very clean, even cleaner than you and me. Again, don't you think the first day of 2017 can be the first day of friendship and love? The first day of peace! Take peace to home with you! bring peace to your street, to your apartment, bring peace to your city, to your country, to the world! You don't need to travel like me to different countries with message of peace. Only call to the person who you are having problems with, invite him/her to a hot tea in the winter, your friend, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your father, mother, sister, brother, partner, everyone. Please make each other happy, This is a step toward peace, believe me.

2016 was another tragic year for the world, but not in my personal life. 2016 was the best year of my life, I have achieved my own purposes in the field of "world peace" but is not completed yet. I got a very difficult days, days that I was crying for, scary days that I had nightmare the night before. But eventually I took the first step, a step that made me a little optimism. Let's join hands together to build a better world.

Photo taken at: Paris, France

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