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Alexandrapol Palace Hotel

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Gyumri, Armenia

Armenia is a historical name in our minds, when it comes to history, the name of Armenia shines somewhere in it, so as I was preparing to travel to Armenia, I found out a city called Gyumri.

Alexandrapol Hotel, Gyumri

Gyumri is an urban municipal community and the second-largest city in Armenia, serving as the administrative center of Shirak Province in the northwestern part of the country. By the end of the 19th century, when the city was known as Alexandropol, it was one of the largest cities of Russian-ruled Eastern Armenia with a population similar to that of Yerevan. It was renamed to Leninakan during the Soviet period. The city's population grew above 200,000 prior to the 1988 Spitak earthquake, when it was devastated. As of the 2011 census, the city had a population of 121,976, down from 150,917 reported at the 2001 census.

Alexandrapol Hotel, Gyumri

Gyumri is a small historical city with buildings left from the heart of history, quiet people, well-known artists and young people who do not leave the city alone at nights. To stay in Gyumri, I decided to stay in the best hotel in the city, to increase my experience of this beautiful city many times over.

Alexandrapol Hotel, Gyumri

Best hotel in Gyumri is Alexandrapol Hotel, a hotel that brings a beautiful experience, the interior architecture of the hotel, its silence and geographical location, the love that goes on, the staff and the owner of the hotel, Mr. Armen, all joined hands to make my stay comfortable.

This three-storey hotel has several luxury rooms, all of which have their own beauty in plaster, patina and luxury painting. The restaurant is also located on the ground floor. The lobby is more like a museum than a hotel, framed paintings by the city's historic timeline on all floors. The hotel bar, gaming equipment, lighting and all the elements you need to relax in Gyumri. The skylights of the rooms prevented me from waking up in the morning. This is one of those hotels that you like to photograph in its lobbies.

Alexandrapol Hotel, Gyumri


The beautiful Alexanderpol Hotel is located in the best location of the city, as if this hotel is one of the ancient monuments of this city. The hotel is located right in front of Holy Saviour's Church of Gyumri, which is one of the most important historical monuments of this city; This is the first thing that creates a strange feeling in the passengers of this hotel.

Alexandrapol Hotel Location


Most of the windows of the rooms on the north side of this hotel, opens towards the symbol of this city, that is the Holy Saviour's Church. A view for photography, to immerse yourself in history or even to capture the images of a wedding. If we compare Gyumri with Paris, this hotel is located right in front of the Eiffel Tower. The hyacinth of this city, however, has given much beauty to the environment; The open space in front of this hotel makes the environment look very open.

Alexandrapol Hotel View


Armenia has unique people. People who have lived history, people who have kept culture and love in their hearts from the depths of history until now. In a more precise sense, they are people who have tasted the happiness and bitterness of the times; Just like the people of the neighboring country, i.e. Iran, they are very hospitable and cultured people. This can always be felt at the Alexandrapol Hotel. From the host behind the reception desk, to the restaurant cooks, and even the general manager, Mr. Armen, they welcome guests from all over the world with open arms. For me, the people who served Armenia in this hotel were one of my tourist attractions in Gyumri city, this is a fact. Whenever I think of Gyumri, I see the whole city on one side, and the Alexandrapol Hotel on the other side.

Alexandrapol Hotel, Gyumri Welcoming


This hotel has different rooms, each of which is more beautiful than the other. Rooms with full facilities, and state-of-the-art bathrooms, king beds, and walls that make you feel like a king. This is one of the few hotels where the rooms are as beautiful as the lobby. Just like a museum, each room is more beautiful than the other. By staying in one of these rooms, I learned why they chose the name Alexandrapol for this hotel, these rooms take you right into the heart of history; A royal palace with antiques, historical paintings and detailed architecture, luxurious painting and a so-called "godfather" life, all can be found at the Alexandrapol Palace Hotel.

Alexandrapol Hotel, Gyumri
Alexandrapol Hotel, Gyumri

Alexandrapol Hotel, Gyumri bathroom


The hotel restaurant is located on the ground floor. A restaurant that has a picture of one of my favorite singers Charles Aznavour framed on the wall and plays his songs all the time. This is one of the restaurants that prepares any food you want, from Khash to any other traditional Armenian food. They buy everything you order fresh, cook it, and serve it to you, what's better than that?

Alexandrapol Hotel, Gyumri Restaurant

Alexandrapol Hotel, Gyumri
Alexandrapol Hotel, Gyumri
Alexandrapol Hotel, Gyumri
Alexandrapol Hotel, Gyumri