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Budapest: First Day with Zoli & Viki


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Yohoooo after 2 years again with Viki and Zoli! I can not write about this two love birds! they do not fit in the words! Two years ago we met for the first time in my hometown, and they were the first Hungarians I knew. And after that, I realized that Hungarian people are very lovely and kind, and furthermore, I found out that Laszlo, Zoltan and Viktoria are the bests of Hungary.

Why traveling to Hungary? Actually I was invited by Zoltan and Viki to their wedding three days after my arrival. After so many conflicts about my trip, tickets reservation and all the helps of these two angels, now I'm in Budapest. Zoli and Viki's help will never be forgotten, perhaps it can be a movie or at least I can write a book about and name it as "Humanity". I don't know what the number of good people in the world is, but I'm sure if even they are not so many, Viki and Zoli are a part of them.

We went to a part of the city with Viktoria, and Zoltan was waiting there for us. You don't know how happy I was about meeting Zoltan after a long time! After all these conflicts, we were now all together and laughing. Quite like a dream... Now we are going home to celebrate this friendship and humanity.

With Viki and Zoli
Photo taken at: Budapest, Hungary

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