Danube River, Budapest

This world is a world of humans. A world that humans decided to destroy it. A world where its birds are falling from the sky every day is a world of war and violence. A world that we do not feel safe in it, a world that we are scared to die of hunger if we stay on its streets. A world where people are hardly getting close to each other, hardly talk to each other, hardly agree with each other. A world where birth means death, it is obvious that it must begin with crying.
I felt from the beginning of my birthday that I traveled to a world that is not mine, a world where its everything looks strange to me. A world that we hardly face with it, a world full of fear and anxiety. A world where its humans behave in such a way as if they were of another kind of living creature, and they believe in the advent of man and Adam & Eve in their sacred books, the beliefs that says: “we are all one”.


ترجمه فارسی

Photo taken at: Budapest, Hungary

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