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Destroying Achievements


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How awesome it is, when you look at the beauties and enjoy them. And how painful it is when you think about the fate of everything.

We humans were always looking for a better life. We felt that we needed gods, we built churches, mosques and temples. We felt that we needed to have fun, we built amusement parks. We thought we should dance and drink something, we made beverages and bars. We wanted to travel more easily, we made cars. We wanted to be loved, we changed ourselves. We wanted to become a hero, we lived for others. Our insatiability caused us to attack, we made weapons, and destroyed our creatures. We have established world wars, we have destroyed ourselves. Throughout history, we have built a lot of things, and everyday, life gets harder for us. And we are still continuing, we are destroying what we have created.

Destroying Achievements
Photo taken at: Budapest, Hungary by me

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