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Hungarian People (1)


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Until recently, I thought people would never be friendly with someone from other land. This belief can not be accepted or defectived. Why?

All this depends on your personality and others, but in fact I have to say my good experiences are more than my bad experiences. In the other words, experienced or open-minded people are not really supporting racial discrimination.

Perhaps a Canadian person can not feel the things that I'm writing about. (I mean whites and European nationalities, Canada was an example). But me as a black hair guy as well as naming my nationality, sometimes had no good experiences in some western countries. And the more I traveled, I got a new ability.

I can already judge humans a little bit better, from their behavior without knowing me, I can tell how intellectually this person is, how much he read and how he experienced. Well, I travel for self-knowledge and anthropology, it also relates to my peace project, and this new ability has helped me a lot.

Now I got a new experience, Zoltan, whom I introduced in my recent posts, when I arrived at his pre-wedding night party, introduced me one by one to his close friends, this is not something that an inexperienced person does. And now some of their friends are really good friends to me, surely one of the best feelings of that time

Hungarian People (1)
Photo taken at: Lake Balaton

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