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Nothing Is Impossible


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I'm a little bit scared now. I have a long way to go, after Zoltan and Victoria's wedding, I have to think about going further. I have big goals in my head, and I have to check with all of them. For example, I always wanted to come here and sit on this bridge. So far I've learned by my experiences that nothing is impossible. It was as if yesterday I was thinking about it, where am I now? On Margarita Bridge, on the Danube River, in the city of Budapest, facing the Hungarian Parliament Building.

The Danube is Europe's second-longest river. It is located in Central and Eastern Europe. The Danube was once a long-standing frontier of the Roman Empire, and today flows through 10 countries, more than any other river in the world. Originating in Germany, the Danube flows southeast for 2,860 km, passing through or touching the border of Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine before emptying into the Black Sea

Nothing Is Impossible
Photo taken at: Budapest, Hungary

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