See You Soon Hungary & Hungarian

Beautiful Hungary, although I was flying romantically like a bird in your sky, but I have to leave. I’m different from other travelers, I don’t travel to visit the places. I’m a migratory bird that can be destroyed if stay somewhere. I travel to countries for a long time, but Hungary was one of those countries I never liked to leave. You can not record the world on the camera, sometimes things can not be written, but the heart is a safe box to keep memories. A box that will never be lost.
A special place in this box belongs to my Hungarian friends. A box which I left behind in Budapest, I’ll be back some day to find it. I’ve packed my bag, and, with sadness in my heart, I have to say goodbye to my Hungarian friends and Hungary. I never forget how hard I tried to see my friends, and how hard I left Hungary. How much I hate these separations…


ترجمه فارسی

Photo taken at: Budapest, Hungary

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