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Soviet Liberation of Hungary

HungaryWe can be peaceful

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Are there any people who still want war and do not accept the peace? Yes.

In Budapest, there is a square called Liberty Square. The square consists of several paradoxical elements. The US embassy, Hungarian National Bank, Ronald Reagan and Harry Hill Bandholtz mounuments and a monument for Soviet liberation of Hungary in World War II from Nazi German occupation.

So one of the locations I had already set for the" project was here.

The Siege of Budapest was the 50-day-long encirclement by Soviet forces near the end of World War II. The siege began when Budapest, defended by Hungarian and German troops, was first encircled on 26 December 1944 by the Red Army and the Romanian Army. During the siege, about 38,000 civilians died through starvation or military action. The city unconditionally surrendered on 13 February 1945. It was a strategic victory for the Allies in their push towards Berlin.

My project was made by inviting people to the peace and proof of the people's will to the politicians of their country. Many people always ask me: "How do you manage this project?" I have had some good memories of this project, for example, people who want to take part in this project, people who like to take pictures of this poster.

And sometimes I had bad memories as well, for example when I was doing the Third Eye peace project here, A Russian woman came to me, - Hey what are you doing? + I'm doing a project, lady. (smile) - What is the project? + This is a peace project, for the war. - Did you ask the police to do that? + This is a peace project lady. (smile) - I know what the "Peace" is. But i'm Russian, this place is mine, you need to ask me to do that. + Please do not disturb me, I do not have much time.

she left there with an angry face. In fact, this is an example of people who have been brainwashed by sovereignty and the wars. The people whose my Third Eye project invites them to peace

Soviet Liberation of Hungary
Photo taken at: Soviet Liberation Monument

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