Iran Dreams

“Iran Dreams” is a TV series made by Vahid Takro. Recording of the project officially began in 2015. This documentary series, featuring numerous interviews with Iranians and tourists who are traveling to, or planning to travel to Iran, is broadcast weekly via Instagram, YouTube and the personal website of Vahid Takro with Persian subtitle. Iran Dreams actually deals with the real meaning of Iran, a concept that may not have been properly translated in the public mind, left people confused about traveling to Iran, or creating big stereotypes in their minds. It took almost four years to record this big project. The reason it took a long time to record this program was that we had limited access to interviewees of this series. While we’re still recording new episodes, you can watch the series every week on the networks mentioned above.

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To publish more episodes Iran Dreams needs an editor to edit videos and add subtitles. Also, if you are a filmmaker who can record new episodes, contact me.
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