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Aidan: The Long Road


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This man lived in my room at Tehran till yesterday morning. He is a teacher and Rugby player from Australia. his experiences are incredible after traveling to more than 160 countries. I call Aidan as Marco Polo. To date, it can be said that he has been traveling for 21 months in this trip. All his life is in his big bags. He said when friends ask me about how I do all my travels, I answered, I have no car, no house, no Luxury clothing. After a long while, Aidan was one of those strange and different persons that I saw in my life. Aidan is full of exprience about travel, about everything. a strong man full of energy who never get tired. His words are very nice, something that he had experienced and acted them before. he can be pattern of a lifestyle. he is an active person, the days when we came home tired he was running from home to the park about 1 hour. the experiences with him can not be written as a text here! I showed Aidan to some of my friends, it was very sad the day when he wanted to go. After that, all my friends who saw him before, asked where is Aidan? can we meet him again? we recorded some videos in respect of a small part of his experience in my room, maybe i will share them in the future. Next time I will meet him again in Tehran or Australia to watch an important rugby match

Photo taken at: Tehran, Iran

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