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Cyrus the Great: King Of The World (2)


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2600 years ago, when the rulers' tradition of that era was warfare and killing, A man ruled over the Persia (Iran) and the world, who for the first time said that humans have rights. Respect for human rights led him to conquer Babylon without the war.

The Achaemenid empire created by Cyrus was the first multicultural and multi-religious state. The Achaemenid Empire is named as the largest empire in the world for its breadth and population. More than 49 million of the 112 million people in the world at that time lived in this land. In the Achaemenid period, about thirty different nations were under the control of this empire. This government accepted the various habits, peoples, languages, and religions. All of them were respected by Cyrus.

Cyrus established a model to say how to manage a large multinational, multi cultural and multireligious community. He transformed the whole of the modern Middle East into a single country at that time, which people could live with different religions in it for 200 years. Cyrus remains as a model throughout the whole Europe for their culture.

The book "Cyropaedia", written by Xenophon, "How to run a diverse society" Was one of the great books that influenced the founders of the American Revolution.

Photo taken at: Tomb of Cyrus

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Cyrus Cylinder:

This cylinder was written 538 BC by Cyrus and found in 1879 AD. This cylinder is known as "the first declaration of universal human rights". Most importantly, Cyrus as the speaker on this tablet - is a hero and defender of the homeland with Persian identity who supports all the religions. Freethought, respect for the rights of human beings of any color and race, with any belief and faith, without looting, killing, destruction, captivity, bullying, as well as ordering the reconstruction of the wreckage caused by the war and even the ruins before the arrival of the Parsians, the modernization of the ruined temples, are the things that makes this cylinder a great prism for the liberty and justice.

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