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A Child In My Mind


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Sometimes when I think about the past, there is a child in my mind who was grown up in a yard with another kid and a bird. A child who his wishes became bigger day by day like other children. But his dreams became so large! It was not like just having a car or something like that. Now he tries to reach his dreams everyday but sometimes like fall in love and something like that takes him away out of the mainstream. Some nights I wondered whether is there any love between human? Or maybe they don't know how to be in love. I was also experienced in this case so I decided to be alone forever because no one is my type. I'm always talking with the kid who is in my mind, He is a young guy now but still a child for me. I just want to tell him:

You're not in the mainstream, love can be happen whenever. But the girl who you're interested in is so perfect but we can not expect... we can not expect of people to love us forever. This world is too sad, too crowded and busy. Even I think there is no time to think about love. This girl is also the same. Don't expect anything. Just tonight caress her for the last time and let her to do whatever she want

Photo taken at: Penang, Malaysia

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