Vahid Takro

Hey, I’m Vahid!

This is how my life is going on 😄



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    Learn and move my sites to Next.js 🚀

    With an interest in Java and its incredible speed, I decided to move my sites to the Next.js framework in a few days.

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    Expand Natasun application 🎥

    After many years on YouTube, I've started to figure this whole video thing out.

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    Learning Laravel 👨‍💻

    It was time to learn a system for managing users, or rather, a professional backend.

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    Got my bachelor's degree

    After 3 years of my studies, I decided to get my degree, everyone at the university looked at me as a stranger.


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    Moving to the Netherlands

    Life in the Netherlands, though short, was very instructive, where the next Third Eye Tour was also conducted.


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    Third Eye: second tour

    The Third Eye was now planned in Hungary, Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic.


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    France was the beginning of the Third Eye project, where he introduced me to many like-minded people. Yes France is a "he" I think.

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    Beginning of the Third Eye

    The third eye poster was inspired by the third eye image intended for a music album.


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    End of music recording 👋

    After recording a few pieces of music, I decided not to record my musical activities for now.

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    Third Eye design

    The third eye image was created with the goal of using it for a music album.

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    Beginning of the Iran Dreams project 🎥

    Iran Dreams, which still continues, is a series that is broadcast via YouTube, this series deals with the lives and views of people who travel to Iran, or intend to travel to.