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Great People Will Never Die


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Great people never die. As I know the king of Thailand IS a great man. A condolence message on my page or my other fellows have no effect on a country; because I believe that the positive effects do not go away. The only thing that is possible for me to describe the positive aspects of this country. There is no doubt that the king of Thailand has left very beautiful effects on this country. King, who is always alive in the heart of the country. On my trip to Thailand I've visited many places and cities but I have not seen anything except smile and beauty. Overnight streets of the country appears to be run by people other than Thai nationality, Apart from girls who had no other work other than prostitution. Now to continue the path you must be a bit more strong Thai people. Smiling people of Thailand, be more patient and strong, now you should run the King's goals. - Vahid Takro

PS: This photo was taken at Phra Prang Sam Yot, Lopburi, Thailand. The Phra Prang Sam Yot is Lopburi’s best known landmark and one of its oldest. It is one of several monuments that date back to the Khmer era. The monument in the center of Lopburi town is perhaps best known for the large number of monkeys that run around free, constantly on the lookout for food

Photo taken at: Lopburi

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