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Our God Is Our Brain


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    Vahid Takro
  • In fact, I'm not a travel writer and I don't like to be, I do not travel for fun. there are some ideas behind my travels. Sometimes we wish if we could be a child again, And just when we think about our childhood, we remember that we wanted to be older. We have committed many mistakes in our childhood, and at that time we said that "God will forgive us because we're just a child". Why we could be a child when it was in our favour? When we really grew up, we saw that life is not really what we thought... everything became sad and now we ask for help from God. We have used God as a cane. A cane for when we make mistakes, A cane for when we have problems, A cane for when we're blind, ... But why don't we close our eyes to the God? Sometimes you have to think that there is no God, We have to think how can we live in our own. Our God is our brain which is flying to the truth

    Photo taken at: Wat Suan Dok and Wat Doi Suthep

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