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While Traveling I Feel Something Is Not Complete In Me


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    Vahid Takro
  • There is something in my heart that no one knows. Sometimes i feel alone. When I was born most of the times i was thinking about what should I do in my life, what we are looking for, I shouldn't eat and sleep, probably I've to change something in the world! I didn't even know myself then I decided to travel around the world to know about myself. When i'm traveling I feel something is not complete in me, probably I need to travel more, I need to be more easy going, I should try local foods, I should talk with others, I should accept any invitations, or whatever. Probably something like LOVE is what I need, sometimes I feel so alone, Especially in the afternoons while i'm traveling. Just like now that i'm writting this post. When I'm traveling with some friends, i'm always looking for a free time to think and write about myself. Like now. I have a nice view now at a wooden hostel to riverside. Sometimes I need to cry alone. I feel it's too late for everything.

    BTW, Greeting from Ayutthaya

    Photo taken at: Ayutthaya City, Thailand

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