Vahid Takro

Brussels, Belgium

Terrorist Attack

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Brussels, Belgium

it is regrettable, The world is like a nest of mice. What is the war? This is not a war? Can't we call it as the World War III? What are the characteristics of a world of hell and horror? What are the characteristics of a real war? The world is heading towards cruelty. Not just what happened in Brussels, is the same everywhere in the world. Is not just with bombs that war is going on. This can be happen with a bomb, a bullet, a knife, a letter, a kick, a paper, a signature. And also it can be ended by a paper, by a word, by a signature. Let's be like an agreement paper. let's be peaceful. We can all join hands to rid forever of this story.

Belgium people, this sad event in your beautiful city "Bruxelles" will remain forever in our minds.

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