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Church In Oreanda


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After visiting the magnificent Vorontsov Palace, on the way back to Yalta, This beautiful church was visible on the mountains.

Orthodox Church Of St. Michael The Archangel In Oreanda: At the foot of the St. Nicolas Mountain on the road from Yalta was built this church in 2006. The church was erected over the place on which the Christian monastery of St. Theodor was founded in medieval times. The location of the church makes an unusual sound, repeatedly bouncing off the rocks, singing the chorus takes on a monumental sound. The church has 5 domes, it was decorated by the best Ukrainian painters. Located on the rock over the hills and saeaside, it looks very organic and romantic. This place has very unique natural sound effects, that`s why very often the choir use it, and every day you can hear a record of mans choir voice. This place is not far from the Swallow's Nest and Livadia.


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