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Fly to Ukraine, Kiev


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Fly to Ukraine, Kiev.

All people grew up with films, with TV shows, with singers. All of us left the characters and stories we were interested in just to imitate those movies and characters. But we are just doing daydreaming. Like a girl walking in the street, and in her mind she thinks she's that beautiful actress in her favorite movie. Like a boy who smokes, and imagines himself as Marlon Brando. And I'm the same, I like to be like Oskar Schindler in Schindler's List.

And, one day, I decided why I'm not in a movie that's about myself? A complete new movie about my life, why not write myself a screenplay? And the seconds in this movie go ahead every day, my movie is very long and tragic. How is yours?

Photo: I love clouds, airplane, sky and sun. This is a lovely combination in my photography. It was taken on 10th July

Fly to Ukraine, Kiev
Photo taken at: Kyiv, Ukraine

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