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Russian Grandmother


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  • My Story and a Russian grandmother: On August 28, when i flew from St. Petersburg to Simferopol (Crimea, Ukraine) my flight was by Aeroflot airlines, Unfortunately and unexpectedly my seat was in the last row and the second seat. Regardless of the ticket, I sat by the window, Exactly where i could touch the clouds of Ukraine's sky with a DSLR camera, The point was that I was closer to my dreams... I was also thinking about what photos I'll take from clouds after take off! which songs I will listen during the flight while watching clouds... I was overwhelmed in these dreams when suddenly a grandmother came to me and said my ticket is by the window! Almost i knocked myself into confusion, by a look at my ticket I said are you sure? Finally, the woman sat next to the window and I sat next to her. After flying sky was truly spectacular, stealthy i was looking at window from side of her face. I couldn't control myself, I began to photograph, but hardly from an empty corner which was uncovered by her face. Do you know what could really make me angry and nervous? When she was sitting by the window did not care about the window, clouds and sky, sometimes played with her phone, sometimes she was sleeping, seemed like she has this flight everyday! I was almost disappointed, but still took pictures, and the sound of DSLR shutter had frustrated her. Suddenly she asked me would you please let me to go to the toilet? i went out of row and she went to the toilet, when she came back she said "I think you're really into windows (you love to sit by the window) you can sit there, and i can sit on your seat. I was so happy, I thought I won a Nobel Prize or perhaps lottery prize! On the other hand I was afraid that she might be upset. However, I sat by the window, and now we were both happy :) She could sleep easily, and I could easily listen to music, watching the clouds and take some photos (which I'll upload later) :) She was very kind, simple and free-standing. I hope one day I'll see her again and I'll give her my seat by the window

    Russian Grandmother

    Photo taken at: Ukraine

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    After i sat by the window i could take this photo 😀

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