Swimming in the Black Sea

There is a long way, there are still things that I’ve never done before. We all strive for goals, But today, I thought that I did not have a chance to breathe, breathe safely… But days are passing easily. Life is too wild already, no chance for romance, no chance to focus on beauty, no chance to breathe, I feel suffocated.
A guy who has traveled to many parts of the world is writing this, seen a lot of places, has already done a lot of things, who has seen many people all around the world. This is nature of traveling, you will feel so empty with each step.
– Vahid Takro

There is

Photo taken at: Black Sea, Ukraine

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  1. Hanna says

    I’d love to swim there!

    1. Vahid Takro says

      Hopefully you’ll do that once 🙂

  2. Buy Viagra says

    Hello! Cool post, amazing!!!

    1. Vahid Takro says

      Hello! Thank you so much!
      Yes Black Sea is an amazing place.


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