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September 21, 2018: International Day of Peace

AustriaWe can be peaceful

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This photo was taken at the United Nations Office at Vienna during the second tour of "Third Eye" peace project in Europe.

I think these days with myself, if I travel to a different space today like Mars, and the Mars people ask me: How was the universe, what would I say? maybe something like this:

"The world is a beautiful island, its beautiful nature is destroyed every day by humans, several people are killed by bullets every day, thousand children die from hunger, and at the same time a thousand-one concert takes place in another part of it. The universe is divided into 192 parts, and its people fight with each other everyday, sometimes you may think that 192 different human models live on it, and this number is increasing. There is something called "money," and everyone is ready to kill others for it. They have created some religions that their worshipers are fighting with each other everyday. The world is about to go to ruin, and this destruction is done by humans themselves."

Human beings! Open your third eyes! We can be peaceful!!!

United Nations Office at Vienna

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