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European Parliament Building in Strasbourg


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European Parliament Building in Strasbourg, I've bookmarked here to come after some days to take "Third Eye" poster. Photos are taken and will be shared shortly

European Parliament

Strasbourg is the official seat of the European Parliament. The institution is legally bound to meet there twelve sessions a year lasting about four days each. Other work takes place in Brussels and Luxembourg City. Also all votes of the European Parliament must take place in Strasbourg. "Additional" sessions and committees take place in Brussels. Although de facto a majority of the Parliament's work is now geared to its Brussels site, it is legally bound to keep Strasbourg as its official home. The Parliament's five buildings, all named after distinguished European politicians, are located in the Quartier Européen (European Quarter) of the city, which it shares with other European organisations which are separate from the European Union's. Previously the Parliament used to share the same assembly room as the Council of Europe. Today, the principal building is the Louise Weiss building, inaugurated in 1999


Photo credit by: Vahid Takro

"Europe A Coeur" sculpture outside the European Parliament building in Strasbourg, by Ludmila Tcherina, symbol of the European Union. If you go to "Montmartre Cemetery" in Paris, you can find a similar sculpture on a grave, I don't know the story of that one unfortunately

“Europe A

Photo credit by: Vahid Takro

Statue of Europa and the Bull, Winston Churchill Building, Strasbourg, France.

In August 1949, at the first meeting of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, Churchill delivered his speech in French, and said:

We are reunited here, in this new Assembly, not as representatives of our several countries or various political parties, but as Europeans forging ahead, hand in hand, and if necessary elbow to elbow, to restore the former glories of Europe.

There is no reason for us not to succeed in achieving our goal and laying the foundation of a United Europe. A Europe whose moral design will win the respect and acknowledgement of all humanity, and whose physical strength will be such that no person will dare to disturb it as it marches peacefully towards the future

Statue of

Photo credit by: Vahid Takro


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