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My Birthday: Mystery of Creation?


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Today is my birthday. Often when it comes to my birthday I think of everything but my birthday. My thoughts end more on the mystery of creation, and what I call the "change of the world" disappoints me with this creation. I no longer care what others think of me, I was mostly a passenger of pilots, one day I looked down from the plane I saw how small humans are and the closer I got to the ground, the bigger the humans appeared, and I think humans' thoughts may just become more important up close. From that moment on, I always wanted to look at everything from above; but I see a little boy from above who likes to be here where I am now, he thinks the world is as beautiful as it looks, but I can not convince him, because that boy is older today, and criticizes his own misconceptions of the world. He expects more of himself today to change, a change that can bring him closer to his ideas of the world as a child, that is the reality of my life. 29 August is my birthday and Michael Jackson's.

My Birthday - Mystery of Creation (Vahid Takro)

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