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Politicians Are Born Of Us

FranceWe can be peaceful

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It's written on the poster we held in our hands: Open your third eye to a new world, we can be peaceful. With a graphical photo called "Third Eye". In fact, this design has no religious or political orientation. This surreal design has a message. The person - who I am - is accustomed to living in a world full of heartbreaking war events, as if even someone's blood has been shed on him but he can no longer tolerate his habits until he opens a third eye, which can follow the world ahead more realistically.

Sometimes I think about everything, with the perspective I have achieved at this age I imagine myself as a child who has just been born, imagine if that child had our current perspective, how much he should be afraid of the meaning of war, A war that is scary even in movies.

Our world is full of war, war with ourselves; Yes, war with ourselves. Politicians are born of us, but how does humanity turn man into such a demon of war? In fact, we have come a long way, this corona social distance is something in appearance, we humans have been separated for centuries. But I want us to be together again, to show the other side to the world; I want "peace" ...

Politicians are born of us - Vahid Takro

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