Drowning Deep In The History

Drowning deep in history, This is the name I chose for this photo. Sometimes when I’m in the main centers of the world I think so much more than ever. For example when I was on Margaret Island, I thought that all the various people, politicians and famous artists, … came here and visited this island. They were exactly like me at the same point and position and stared at the Hungarian Parliament. What comes to their minds? Why do all those politicians who know the history of the Hungarian wars repeat the same history? The same mistakes? The same crimes? This is what always engages my mind.
Sometimes we have to refine our brain. The historical centers of the world are not just for photography, they are the book itself, you can look at them and get some lessons for life, for peace … Margaret Bridge is a three-way bridge in Budapest, Hungary, connecting Buda and Pest across the Danube and linking Margaret Island to the banks. It is the second-northernmost and second-oldest public bridge in Budapest. The island was called Insula leporum before being named after Saint Margaret (1242–1270) in the 14th century. Margaret was the daughter of Béla IV of Hungary, and she lived in the Dominican convent on the island

Drowning deep

Photo taken at: Margaret Island

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