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Gabriel at Hősök tere (Heroes’ Square)


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The top of the middle column depicts the angel (or as some reference him, the Archangel) Gabriel, who in this statue holds the Hungarian Holy Crown and the apostolic double cross in his hands. This statue shone very much and stood out to me, making me think about it for a few minutes. Many impressions can be drawn from this statue, for example, the sculptor, from my point of view, wanted to show that Gabriel had given this holy crown to the kings appointed by God for their time in history in Hungary.

The angel Gabriel in the Abrahamic religions is an angel from God who came to the prophets to convey the message of God. Gabriel has been widely quoted in all three religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; According to the followers of these religions, Gabriel saved Abraham from the fire (Judaism), supported Moses in the fight against Pharaoh (Judaism), drowned the Pharaohs in the Nile River of Egypt (Judaism), gave Daniel the meaning of a vision regarding the kings of Media, Persia and Greece (Christianity), foretold to Zechariah and the Virgin Mary (Christianity & Islam), the births of John the Baptist and Jesus (Christianity & Islam), and is believed to have revealed the Quran to Muhammad (Islam). Now the question that arose in my mind was this: If Gabriel wanted to send a message to the earth today, if there is a Prophet of God to come, what would that message be?

I have repeatedly read in Islam that Gabriel has given the message of God to the Imams, and now in some of the Muslim countries, the society pays respect to and calls their kings by the title "Imam"? Why do Muslim kings know themselves as "Imams"? The definition of Imam means someone who leads prayer in a mosque, or someone who is divinely appointed and sinless, who can do no wrong. Do these kings or Imams receive a message from God? Is the content of these messages a massacre? :) Or do you think this is a kind of abuse of divine religions?

Gabriel at Hősök tere (Heroes’ Square)
Photo taken at: Heroes Square, Budapest

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