Vahid Takro
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Kiss in Budapest, Hungary


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From the beginning, there is the instinct of love in man, the tendency of humans to love is always more than their desire to live on a flat line. In other words, any way you take will come to love in the end. Love is an international language, but its accents in different countries have always been different for me. In Arab countries, love ends in unstable things (one night stay), which is the result of limitation. And everywhere in the world, love can be interpreted with different titles. Hungary is a safe country, which can be so trusted to kiss your lover under its flag.

But the meaning of love for me is inexplicable, in fact it's a sensation that no words have been made to express it. And I can say that as long as its vacancy is felt, man always feels something in his life is incomplete. Love is not for sale at any price. Never touching someone's hands that you're sure that is in love with you is not achievable through money and appearance. Perhaps you can sometimes book actors/actresses who play the role of a lover.


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