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Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest, Hungary


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    Vahid Takro
  • The whole article is about Fisherman's Bastion and my feeling there. Most tourists go to the roads to see the world and its beauties. I was the same at the beginning. But as the number of these endless roads went up, I got out of the main goal which waws "seeing the beauty of the world." Now I travel to see the beauty of humans and accept the truth of the world's emptiness. And I realize that this is the world, The hatreds and longings of humans, of which has been completed in the history, is always looking for absurdity. I enjoy the style of my travels, I sit somewhere and answer my own questions. This traveling style distinguishes me from other tourists, which is not what I want to think about. Everyone has goals and my goal is to open a book called "Life" that I can ask some questions about and find the answers on the road.

    Fisherman's Bastion:

    Deep thinking in "Fisherman's Bastion": This castle has some tall towers with a small minaret and it's reminiscent of legendary castles in the Disney world. As I wrote at the beginning of my trip to Budapest, the Buda and Pest were separated by the Danube River, and were considered as two independent cities, and at that time, the Buda side castle wall was protected by the fishermen's guild and this is the reason why it was called fishermen's Bastion. This castle is made up of small castles with beautiful stone stairs, created by the professional architect Frigyes Schulek (the architecture of the Elizabeth Lookout and has a beautiful view to the "Pest side" and "Danube River" that attracts many tourists and many Hungarian lovers to come here for a kiss at night.

    Apart from having some professional photography projects, photography of myself is different on my travels. I don't travel for photography, but I still need some photos to share.

    One of the hardest parts of my travels is photography of myself. Even if there's someone with me, I'm accustomed to take pictures of myself, which makes me rarely satisfied when someone photographs me. But I've seen few travelers who can do such photography. I put a camera stand between hundreds of tourists on the ground, and I attach the camera to it, I wait for someone to go from where I want to stand (to adjust the location and position) and then I look at that point and go there so fast. In the past, I did this through timer, but now I'm getting a bit advanced and I use a remote :) This is madness, because sometimes I leave the camera and go to a very far point to stand. Sometimes some tourists are enjoying with a smile when seeing this insistence in photography. Some people say "hey you want me to take a photo of you?" Some Chinese tourists say that "you're so cool" and I feel so proud. ?

    One of the hardest part is that I have to wait until that place gets quiet. Sometimes a lot of people don't know what's going on and they go in front of the camera. However, I'm used to this situation.






















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