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House of Terror: We Can Be Peaceful

HungaryWe can be peaceful

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I travel with the poster "We Can Be Peaceful" to some places which have been to the wars and have seen the events of the world. And I draw the attention of the world to these places again. These places have a lot to say. Before heading to Budapest, I was looking for a place to do the "Third Eye" project. This was one of the bests. In the time of World War II, the underground of this building was the place of torture for Nazi Party, but now it has become a museum for the bitter memorials of that time.

House of Terror: In 1944, in the dying days of the Second World War, the Hungarian Nazi Party took control of Budapest and made this building its headquarters. Known as the ‘Arrow Cross’, the local Nazi branch did not last long. In fact, it was only in power for a matter of months, but that was long enough to spread its evil. In the time they operated from this building, the Nazis tortured and killed hundreds of people in the cellar beneath the street. From the plush offices on the first and second floors, orders were given to shoot Jews and throw their bodies into the river. Teenage boys were recruited from here for an army that never had any hope of winning and many were sent to their deaths.

There are thousands of places like this in the world that smells like blood and wars, and thousands of people cross the front of them every day. Decades have passed since those years, and the number of these places is increasing. Stupid people are always making wars to occupy the world. The history has proven the ethics of the rulers of great countries, shows what the Russian activities are for, shows that non-Persian governments are examples of a new Russia. But we prove that we can open our third eye to a new world, we prove that we can be peaceful

House of Terror: We Can Be Peaceful
Photo taken at: House of Terror

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