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Chinese girl from Hong Kong travels to Iran at the time of the Corona virus outbreak

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Miyo, a beautiful girl from Hong Kong, China, is upset with the Iranians' behavior. I've known her for four months, she was very excited about her trip to Iran, she wanted to come to Iran in Chinese New Year holidays as soon as possible; But as her vacation coincided with the outbreak of the Corona virus, she started a journey not quite as it should be.

Hong Kong is a political entity and a part of mainland China. Its inhabitants are also Chinese. Apart from the fact that the Corona virus was born in China, certainly the behavior Miyo had seen from the Iranians was the experience of all Asian travelers to Iran at this time. For example, the Iranians are not able to distinguish the Chinese from the Japanese, Koreans. I mean everyone should be treated well, whether she is Chinese or Thai.

Words have the power to break us, break our hearts, fall like arrows at our hearts, or stab us in the back. Be gentle with our words. If even you suffer from low emotions and understanding, don't forget the feelings of others.

Share this video with your friends, let's be careful about our words and our treatment with Asians these days. Racism is far more dangerous than the Corona virus.


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