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Happy Nowruz 2579


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Iranians consider Nowruz (Persian New Year) as the initiator of the resurrection of nature, and sometimes the growth of the garden, and believe that in Nowruz, along with nature, they must start a new life with a new mind and attitude.

Today is Nowruz, a winter that lasted for five years (for me) is over, and now spring is shouting its beginning with the scent of flowers, and I wish "Peace", "Love" and "Friendship" for all human beings, more than before.

Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Achaemenid Empire, declared Nowruz a national holiday in 538 BC. But the origin of Iran's history is considered the year 559 BC, the year of Cyrus' coronation. In fact, the coronation of Cyrus was the beginning of the Persian monarchy and the unity of the Medes and Persians.

Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds - This is the threefold path of Asha that I invite myself and my friends to.

Happy Nowruz 2579 to all Persians and the world.

PS: Haft-sin is an arrangement of seven symbolic items whose names start with the letter "س" pronounced as "seen". This is my own table.

Happy Persian New Year Nowruz 2579

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