Vahid Takro
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A Journey in Search of a Destination


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Honestly, I had no other choice, but why honestly? Does anyone want dishonesty? I had to go, that's the truth, I had to go ... At first I lost my destination and the lights were pulling me to the road, I don't like to think I'm the first one who got lost. Maybe it's time to say that people threw stones at me, all around me was full of lies and things like movies; Isn't it funny? Someone who is at war with himself and his life is trying to do something with world peace? I learned my life from nature, from a flower, from a wheat in a wheat field that in floods, storms, wars and earthquakes nothing can take it away from its desires, even though they are rooted somewhere and I ... still like a mirage staying on the roads; Of course, I didn't want to be aimless because the most important secret is "destination"; It doesn't matter if it's a small fish or a big shark, in the end the waves decide for all the extinct creatures.

A Journey in Search of a Destination by Vahid Takro

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