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Planes were just tools


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It's not as you see my luxury photos, or photos which was taken from windows of the planes. I crawled the world, all on my chest, to be able to stare at everything from above one day, planes were just tools. Of course, it could have been worse. You know, buddy, people are like books in library, they're stuck together but they don't know each other, but in a special way they have common stories; As the word order creates different stories in them. Humans are the same, but unlike books, they pick their own words; Some know how some don't. The arrangement of my words was very calm, calm and eventful. I fell in this story thousands of times, but I rose a thousand and one times. Sometimes I see myself as the character in Kafka's "Trial." How is your story؟ Which book do you think you are similar to, Or what is your book's name if your story is new?

Planes Were Just Tools

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