Vahid Takro
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"Seeking Humanity" in Kalut, Shahdad


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After years of travel, more than a year ago, I realized that there is no more humanity and love in the world, And everything goes on a line called pretending. Where I was, I saw that all human beings are fighting together, there is no longer love, and only the smell of betrayal is felt. Human lusts and greed for wealth have destroyed humanity forever. I didn't want to stay in this world, I didn't want to be among humans. Those who do not love each other... I've been fighting with myself all this time, I decided to move again, I moved and saw that humanity can't be found in another world. Now it was time to leave for the desert, leave people and live alone. My power was over... I felt a lot of loneliness, I realized that I can't live like others, Everything is intolerable to me, humans change their color every day in this world, they become someone else everyday... I was just looking for humanity! continues...

Kalut, Shahdad, Kerman, Iran:


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