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Azadi Tower: We Can Be Peaceful

IranWe can be peaceful

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Indeed, liberty leads the people. Throughout history, what have we human beings demanded but freedom? What did we want except peace? I used to travel as a teenager, I was not only thinking about the complex structure of human beings, their common goal was also very important to me. I traveled to all the countries I was curious about, though I didn't see the whole world, but I'm sure I met most nationalities. Now, after all these years, I'm sure we all want one thing and that is "peace". We are all saddened by the bitter news, We smile at people from other nationalities, in moments of reconciliation, we shed tears of joy, when we meet, we shake hands. We all pursue a common goal and seek peace and love in the world; I will publish my message in the world to prove it... Open your Third Eye to a new world, we can be peaceful.

Photo taken at: Azadi Tower, Tehran, Iran

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