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IranWe can be peaceful

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About 9 months ago I started to invite my foreign friends to my place, I thought what is the difference between them and my siblings? free foods, free place, ... Am I really missing something? No! not really! This is what I enjoy a lot, this is what can complete my religion which is "HUMANITY". I am in love with the world, with all of its people. Any religions, any colors of skin, any genders. Four years ago, I thought why should we live? What we are living for? The answers that I got from myself depressed me, Then I decided to quit university and spent some time for thinking almost about everything, I was immersed in my thoughts It lasted for two year then I concluded that every human being was born to CHANGE something. I always hated war, not just the war of bombs and missiles, Even wars between people, between spouses, between friends, at work, in love. So I made a goal to invite people around myself to charity and peace. It was successful and then I decided to Spread this chain more and more, For this purpose I need to travel, i was disappointed that I can not continue this cycle I was depressed because of personal and national problems. But people gave me a lot of hope. One of them was one of my best friends Aidan, who told me: "keep following those dreams" Alex, Viktoria, and other friends. In the meantime, I met with an Iranian lady, "Somi" She gave me her experiences on her journey with details. She told me what i have to do step by step. And now I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart!

I'm going to explore a big part of Europe very soon!

This photo is taken at my place in Tehran, from left to right: Tobias from Germany, Kana from Japan, Me, Friedemann from Germany, Eva from France

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