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We Can All Be Friends Together

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From November 9, 2015 that I took this picture I was waiting for the opportunity to share it. I think the time has come. Once upon a time in my childhood, I thought why some people are kind to each other , some bad and some people even do not look at each other. It was there that I thought what would happen if everyone were nice! I know that my wish has not yet been fulfilled, But now I feel good that I have a lot of friends around the world and i could prove to everyone that we can all be friends together.

In the photo on the left and right hands you can see my dear friends Jiří and Marek from Czech Republic just after about 30 minutes of our friendship! And also you can see Alex in a green T-shirt who is one of my best friends from Germany, Last night I was watching the Cannes Film Festival, I was excited when i was listening to Mr. Ken Loach's beautiful words. When he said: "The world is at a dangerous point, with 'austerity' driven by the ideals of neo-liberalism that have brought us to near-catastrophe, that have brought hardship to many in Greece in the east and Portugal and Spain in the west, and grotesque wealth to a few. There is the danger of despair that people from the far right take advantage. Some of us who are old remember what that was like. So we must say something else is possible, another world is possible and necessary. "

Congratulations to Ken Loach, I hope that one day all humans will think in the way that you're thinking. and Congratulations to Asghar Farhadi and Shahab Hosseini my country competent artists. - Vahid Takro

Photo taken at: Milad Tower

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